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Let’s go eat the tastiest sicilian delicacies in Cefalu

We have already spoken about the aestethic beauty of Cefalu, now it is the time to discover its cookery part. Indeed, as all the sicilian towns, also Cefalu has many typical food coming from its lands and from the surrondings. Booking one of our holiday apartment in Cefalu, it will be very easy to taste them because there are many restourants to sit and eat and many shops to buy this traditional food. Pasta, meet, fish, cheese, sweets, cakes and many other delicacies are waiting for you. So let’s go discover some of them.

Cheese is a sort of piece de resistance into Cefalu cookery, in fact there are many typical meals in which cheese is the protagonist. This cheese comes from the cows raised in Madonie Mountain and a traditional one is the Provola, a soft cheese made by ancient dairy techniques.

madonie provola cefalu

Smoked Provola of Madonie. Source: Wikipedia; Credits to: 1felco.

A more salty cheese is Pecorino, made with sheep’s milk and used also to prepare the Sfoglio of Madonie, a traditional Cefalu’s salty cake.

To sweeten your mouth, you can’t miss to taste all the typical cake and sweets from Cefalu and from all the entire Sicily. Amaretti e Nucatuli are traditional cookies made with almonds and hazelnuts to eat after have dipped them into wine. And then, panettone, cassata, torrone and many other typical sicilian desserts from Cefalu and from its surrondings will be very easy to try during your stay in one of our accomodation in Cefalu.

What we listed until now are some of the typical meals coming from Cefalu, but tasting other sicilian food will be very easy if you want to discover other traditional meals during your stay in Cefalu. You have to know in Sicily there are a lot of typical food and in every town you can taste most foods even if you are not in the town where that particular meal comes from. For this reason, Cefalu is the right place to enjoy a typical sicilian holiday where you also will be able to eat the best delicacies of the Sicily.

Top picture: Typical sicilian food. Source: Wikipedia; Credits to: David Blaikie.