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Why you have to visit Cefalu

In the northen coast of Sicily, at the foot of a mountain, inside the Madonia Park, here’s to you the town of Cefalu. With about fifteen thousand inhabitans, Cefalu is not one of the most biggest towns in Sicily but it is one of the most beautiful and important. In fact, every year many tourists from all over the world book a holiday villa with pool in Cefalu and go to explore the city and its surroundings. Would you like to know why you have to visit Cefalu?

The first reason why you have to visit Cefalu can be to find out the Duomo of Cefalu, the main cathedral of the city that has been included in UNESCO World Heritage since 2015. Built during the Middle Age, its architecture is featured by some elements from the Romanesque style and the Norman style mixed with some Arabian influences. Thanks to the two towers positioned on the sides, it is similar to a fortress; inside, it preservers some rare artistic works from the Middle Age to be discovered.

The cathedral is located in the city centre, or rather the medieval village of Cefalu, that was included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In the surroundings, you can find many other churches and monuments from the Middle Age and discover all about the medieval culture and the arab-norman art.

Going away from the city centre, you can easily reach the Cefalu’s beaches featured by a crystal clear water and a golden shoreline where you can spend a relaxing sunny day. The biggest and most famous is Cefalu Lido, the perfect place for families thanks to its shallow waters and from where you can see the Duomo and the ancient harbour. Caldura beach, Capo Playa and some other beaches can be easily reached from our villas, therefore you will be able to decide what type of beach you prefer and, then, go to explore it.

duomo cefalu

Cefalu sea dominated by the Duomo

If you are in Cefalu, you can not miss to taste the typical sicilian food and wine and, of course, the traditional delicacies from the town of Cefalu.  You can start with the “provola madonita”, a tyical cheese from Cefalu made in Madonie mountains that is loved for its softness and its particular taste. Still from these mountains, you can taste, for example, the Sfoglio of Madonie, a cake made with the pecorino cheese, and many other typical sweets like panettoni, nucatuli and amaretti.

Cefalu and its beauties (to visit and to eat) are waiting for you. Book one of our villas and discover this wonderful town!

Top image: Cefalu Landscape; Source: Wikipedia; Credits to: Mαρκος.